Top 10 TED talks on education

Top 10 TED talks on education

Are you motivated to learn or teach? This time we present some ideas and projects to inspire you before entering the classroom.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), student learning is currently conditioned by their skills, interests, and experiences. However, according to experts, without the adequate capacity for motivation and innovation on the part of teachers, school environments lag behind educational methods that are already considered obsolete.

In the search for ways to enhance the necessary skills, over time motivational talks have gained a place within multiple environments. Experts on the subject affirm that they have multiple benefits for their attendees such as the strengthening of self-esteem, the desire for commitment and the positive attitude to undertake new challenges.

To present innovative ideas, the non-profit organization TED (technology, entertainment, design), created the renowned ‘TED Talks’ or ‘Ted Talks’ in which an expert presents his idea in a video of 18 minutes or less. The themes range from the exact sciences to art, culture, politics, and education.

There are currently more than 2,500 talks available for free and in different languages on the website and its YouTube channel.

Another initiative of the organization is TED-Ed, a virtual space designed for educators and students to access content that can be used in classrooms or to learn about and adapt educational ideas and projects around the world. to their surroundings.

Education Week presents below 10 of the best ideas and projects on education that have been featured in the TED Talks.

Roger Antonsen: “Mathematics is the hidden secret to understand the world”

In this talk, the mathematician Roger Antonsen, through artistic computerized visualizations made with numbers and simple formulas, explains how changes in a perspective form more empathetic human beings from the discovery of new patterns and formulas that allow us to understand the world.

Salman Khan: “Let’s use video to reinvent education”

The creator of Khan Academy, a free website where you can learn from addition and subtraction to differential calculus through videos, tells in his talk the origin of his project and the importance of using interactive resources in the classroom. At the end of the video, invite the teachers to reverse the traditional teaching method, using video classes as homework and the usual homework task.

Ben Dunlap talks about a passionate life

Thus greets the writer and academic Bernie Dunlap to the attendees of his talk. It tells the story of Sandor Teszler, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, whom he met in the late 1960s in classrooms and from whom he learned to live, willing to constantly learn to build a better future.

Nadia Lopez: “Why open a school to close a prison?”

Nadia Lopez is the director and founder of the Mott Hall Bridges Academy, created in Brownsville, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York. This short but inspiring TED talk is a synthesis of López’s motivational work with children and young people so that they understand that only through education can higher goals and a better future be forged for themselves and their families.

Sugata Mitra: “Building a school in the cloud”

Professor of Educational Technology, Sugata Mitra exposes in his TED talk his project “Hole in the wall” and compares it to a new project that uses technology to that the children of India can receive tutoring, learn and help each other from the educational self-organization.

Seema Bansal: “How to fix a broken education system without more money”

In this TED talk, Bansal talks about seeking reforms for India’s public education that guarantee successful learning without costing more money than they have. For example, he mentions the simple techniques that are carried out in Haryana, one of the states with the greatest progress since the implementation of new strategies to improve educational quality.




Christopher Emdin: “Let’s teach educators how to do magic”

Christopher Emdin, co-founder of “Science Genies BATTLES”, believes that the same spirit should be felt in classrooms as in a great show. In her TED talk, she talks about the ability to captivate and teach that all educators should develop to keep their students motivated and the possible means to achieve it.

Víctor Ríos: “Help for children that the educational system ignores”

This educator remembers that students from difficult environments can also be considered as promises for the future. In his talk, Ríos proposes three strategies to educators to change the attitude towards these children and young people: propose solutions, value the stories and contexts of the students, and provide the appropriate resources for their development.

Salman Khan: “Let’s teach to understand, not to exams”

Salman Khan emphasizes what he considers key points of learning: the idea of understanding and the idea of mentality and restructuring that the traditional system needs using the technological tools currently available.

Kakenya Ntaiya: “ A girl who demanded an education”

Educator, social activist and member of the Maasai tribe Kakenya Ntaiya tells her story in her TED talk as an example of the challenges that Kenyan girls have to access education and efforts he did to build a girls’ school in a place and context where women have no voice.




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